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Welcome to Our Web Site!


These pages are the Official home of the AVMaker family of products.

They are products designed to allow greater freedom and creativity in the production of Renderware-based scripts.

(Renderware is copyright Criterion Software)

At this time, this site contains only our Software based products, but in the near future we will be expanding our offerings since my Wife and I believe in balance in all things.
By day, I am just a 'Mild-Mannered Computer Programmer', but in the evenings and on weekends I turn  into a 'Hammer Swinging Blacksmith' known as 'William the Tinker'.
As for my wife, in the 'Everyday World' she is a Faculty secretary and Art historian.  Her Alter-ego is that of 'Lady Sibylla' Creator & Purveyor of Fine handcrafted jewelry and Historical clothing
As I said, Balance in all things....
High Tech by Day - Low Tech on Weekends!
If you are wondering what I've been talking about above, you really should check out the 'Society for Creative Anachronism' at 

You can e-mail us at:

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