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 RWXStudio Ver 1.1.3 is no longer available although Ver 2 is under
re-design and development.
This page is here simply for historical reference. 

What is RWXStudio?.... 

     RWXStudio is one of a series of tools which I hope will make the creation of Renderware-based objects much easier for all Worldbuilders and Content Designers. 

     RWXStudio has several built in components.  These include RWXEditor, RWXColor Picker, RWXTexture Picker, and the RWXQuadMaker

What are the features and functions of RWXStudio?....

     The RWXEditor is a purpose-built text editor which has hooks into the other portions of the 'Studio'. It incorporates many of the standard Windows features (Open, Save, Save As, Find, Find Next, Replace All, etc)....but they are located within the Studio concept along with the Color Picker, the Texture Picker, and the Quad-Builder. 

     The "Color Picker" uses a 'Slider' metaphor to set colors which are previewed in a window.  Once you find a color you like, you can either copy the rwx 'Color .XXX .XXX .XXX' line out manually or use the 'Copy to Clipboard' function...from there you paste the color into either the Editor or into the Options box in the Quad Builder. 

     The "Texture Picker" works much the same way, only in this case you are able to navigate through your directory structure and view all the bit maps on your hard drive.  As the bit maps are high-lighted in the structure you have a real time preview of what they look like.  Again, there is a 'Copy' button which allows you to 'cut and paste' the relevant information. 

     The "QuadMaker" will allow the building of some very complex are allowed to have up to 10 'Protos' (or building units) on the screen at any given time....I know that this doesn't seem to be very much....but when you stop to consider that each 'unit' is composed of 6 planes each with 4 corner points (hence the name 'QuadMaker') it  is possible to get lost fairly easily. 

     It should be noted though, the first 10 'units' can be Generated, exported to the Editor, and another 10 built using the 'QuadMaker'...  Each of the 'building units' starts out in a 'block metaphor' i.e.: a cube  This cube can be morphed  in all three dimensions in steps from 1 mm to 1m.  Once you have the desired shape you are able to go to the 'Options' window and set the 'Properties' for each face you elect to use (front, back, left, right, top and bottom).  You are also able to set the Color/Texture/UV multiplier for each face on an individual basis.  If you want a block with 5 differently colored faces with the sixth being textured, this is where you set it up!  If you don't want to use a particular 'face' this is also where you set that (helps to cut the size down in the final .rwx script file - if a face is never seen don't generate it). 

Other features... 

     The Color Picker & Texture Picker are assessable from the 'Options' window as well as from the menu bar. 

     The 'Protos' are each namable - the default naming scheme refers to them as 'BuildingUnitX' - with the X being a number from 1 to 10. 

     Currently there are both front and side views available. 
     All the building units start centered around the 0,0,0 point but they are movable in all three directions via the 'Translate' tab - one of the four tabs which are available for each object (the other three are for the X, Y, and Z dimensions) 

Is it available now?...

     No, Version 1.1.3 has been pulled from the market.

What is its cost?...


     The most registration cost for RWXStudio was $39.95 (US).  This included free upgrades to the program until Version 2.0 comes along. 

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