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On this page you will find a listing of the Free Downloads available from our site.

As we develop new product lines or find more Freeware applications, we will be adding additional items and links to our site.
        (1.2MB Slim / 3.6MB Full size file)

        (277KB - 7-23-2002 Ver 1.0 HtmlHelp file)
Download RWXMod17 and supporting files: 
        (458KB  Copyright SynergyCorp)  
        (463KB File contains Help file for RWX Scripting)
        (Copyright Criterion Software)

The AVMaker Pro DEMO Version provides a WYSIWYG avatar design interface focused on ease of use.
The Demo Versions have the full on-screen capabilities that the Full Versions have except that they will not save anything and are not upgradable to the full version of AVMaker Pro.
The Slim download contains only the Basic Avmaker files - the runtime DLL's have been removed. 
Download only if you are sure you have all the latest MSVB runtime files.

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