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AVMaker is our newest product.  It will help you to Create a new avatar in minutes not days thru the use of our graphical user interface.
This interface allows you the freedom to see what your avatar will look like even as you create it.
As you make changes in the development environment they are displayed in a Real-Time preview window.
No longer do you need advanced training to do what you have always wanted.  And now you can do it in minutes - not days! 


         What is an AVATAR?

     Pure and simple.......An Avatar is a representation of a persons identity in a Viritual environment.  It can be whatever he or she chooses....a humanoid, an animal, or a teapot. The only thing required is that your choice of Avatar exist in the world you are visiting or hosting. 

         Why AVMaker?

     In the past, creation of Avatars has been a long painstaking process.  Because of this, many of the avatars you see in the various worlds were pretty much the same.  You know, arms and legs which have four sides and chests shaped like diamonds! 


     AVMaker takes a new approach to Avatar design while remaining true to the good things of past Avatar design.  Currently, it is designed to produce humanoid Avatars in both the Male and Female flavors. 


     Avatars designed with AVMaker are compatible with the ActiveWorlds .SEQ standard for movements.  This means you are able to recycle existing movements into your personal creations. 


         What can I do with AVMaker?

 Viritually anything you choose! 

     The standard height for an Avatar generated with AVMaker is just under 2 meters in height.  No particular reason for that number other than the fact that many of the other Avatars out there are of similar height.  However, if you want a taller (or shorter) Avatar it is easily done....literally with the click of a button! 


     If you want to be a "Little Green Man" you simply change the skin color with the touch of a button (if you want a custom color you use the Color Picker). 


     Hair Color and Style are changed just as easily and in the same manner.


     Clothing style and color are selected through interactive check boxes and buttons.  If your Avatar is to be dressed in a red Teeshirt and blue Running Pants, select those items and set the colors...its that simple! 


           Is AVMaker Available now? ... and What will it cost me?

    AVMaker is now available.

    It seemed that each time I felt it was <almost> ready, someone out there did something which caused the neurons to start firing once again then I ended up coming up with new wrinkles that I just <couldnt> resist adding  

     I'm currently working to add in DirectX viewing capabilities so a more accurate view of the end product is visible while it is still being worked on.  

   Stay tuned to these pages for updates on AVMakers further development! 

     Currently, the registration cost for AVMaker is USD$39.95


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