Welcome to the Tinkers Shop


Earth - Air - Fire and Water

These are the Traditional Four Elements of the Blacksmiths shop...   

The Iron is from the Earth, Air is from the Sky, Fire is from the Sun and Water is of the Sea...

From these four things the fifth Element, that of Mind and Spirit.

This brings forth the tools which allow all of us to prosper in this wonderful world.

For the first few weeks I'll be talking about the basics of Blacksmithing and then we will move onto other subjects.

There are a lot of good sites on the Internet for further information beyond what I can cover on the show.  

Herefordshire and Ludlow College has some excellent resources which they have made freely available on their web site in the 'Rural Craft Publications section. 

Another resource site is at:   http://www.pssurvival.com/



11 July 2015 Gardens X3 Politics and Garden Updates x3!
27 June 2015   You Can't Stop the Signal!
20 June 2015   Summer Songs
13 June 2015 Fletching Fletching Arrow Shafts
6 June 2015   Rock On - A music show!
30 May 2015 CS, DE, EBE Repeat show about Collodial Silver and other things  
23 May 2045 Crossbows Part 3  -  Metal & Wood Crossbow
16 May 2015   Mellow Music Night!
2 May 2015 Crossbows Part 2  -  Metal Crossbow
25 April 2015 Part 1  -  Crossbows  
18 April 2015 Arrow Points Part 3  -  Home made Arrow Points
11 April 2015 Arrows Part 2 -  Arrows and Points 
28 March 2015 Bow Types  Part 1 - Bows, Arrows and Points 
28 February 2015 The 'Schete Your 'Basic' Schete!
14 February 2015 The Gladius The Gladius Part 2 - The Hilt, Fitting, Sharpening & Finishing
7 February 2015 The Gladius Part 1- History, The Blade & Point
24 January 2015 Musings on Post-SHTF weapons - "Do Unto Others..."
17 January 2015 Tincture Press How to build a Simple Tincture Press MK-1
10 January 2015   Easy Garden Plants, Frost Dates and Seed Starting
3 January 2015   New Year Garden Planning
20 December 2014   Solstice, A New Begining and Fudge
13 December 2014   Backfill
6 December 2014   Warriors Old and New
29 November 2014 Thanksgiving
22 November 2014   Constitution Thoughts
15 November 2014 Lye and Soap Lye and Soap Making
8 November 2014 Garlic & Leeks More information on Garlic, Leeks and other Alliums!
1 November 2014 Garden Cleanup, Potatos, Obola, Garlic Cultivation and <Bad> Jokes
25 October 2014   Making Mead (Web page in just a couple days!)
18 October 2014   Encore Show on Common Brewing tools
(See Brewing 101 link to the left)
11 October 2014   Wood-Crib, Garden Update, Obola = 'We are So Screwed' and Music
4 October 2014 CS, DE, EBE Healthy Things to Boost Your Immune System!
20 Sept 2014 Potato Bin A quick Potato Bin
12 July 2014 Horseradish Part 2 - Horseradish Cultivation and Recipies!
5 July 2014 Part 1 - Horseradish, Garden Updates and a Cautionary Tale!
28 June 2014 Mustard Sauce Part 3 - Mustard Barbeque Sauce
21 June 2014 Tomatos! Part 2 - Barbeque Sauces from Tomatos
14 June 2014 Part 1 - Tomato Sauces
7 June 2014 Bread A few simple Breads...
24 May 2014 Potatos in Containers Potato Planting in Containers and in the ground.
17 May 2014 Dry Sausages Part 2 - Landjagers and More Pepperonni!
10 May 2014 Part 1 -Dry Cured Sausage, Fresh Bratwurst and Brotchen!
3 May 2014 E30 Summer Sausage Summer Sausage, Health Precautions & Garden Planning!
26 April 2014  E30 Burners Part 2 - An Overview of LP Forge and Smelter Burners
12 April 2014  E29 Smelting Part 1 - Basic Tutorial on Metal Recycling & Smelting
29 March 2014  E27 Sausage 101 Part 1 - Sausage 101...  Control what goes in it!
5 April 2014  E28 Part 2 - Sausage 101...  More Details
8 February 2014  E18 Poisoned Foods

Why is there Poison in our foods?   Rant& Music   2 Hours.

25 January 2014  E16   Hand Held Garden Tools 

Part One - Small Gardening Tools

1 February 2014  E17

Part Two - Constructing a Dutch Hoe and a Garden 'Schete'

18 January 2014  E14  Potato Planter Show and Tutorial!

At long last I got it completed!

4 January 2014  E11  Fire Starting and Fire Starters  

Part One - Fire Starting

My Rant about the Possible EU Banning of Heirloom Seed Saving!

11 January 2014  E12

Part Two - Making Fire Starters.


Future Shows:
  • Blade Smithing

  • Creative Salvaging of Metals and Resources

  • Tool Making (Garden Tools)

  • Old Time Planting tools and how to Refurbish them

  • Axes, Hatchets and Tomahawks

  • Trench and Raised Bed Gardening

  • MORE Brewing!




WARNING! Playing with fire and hot iron is DANGEROUS!

You will get hurt.

You will get burned.

You will burn your shop or home if you do not pay attention and use good personal judgment.

This is a very hazardous occupation whether a hobby or profession.

For those unwilling or too incompetent to use good personal judgment or who are accident prone,

it is in your best interest to find another occupation.

You are warned.